Process of writing from the heart

Lately I’ve had so many compliments and questions in regards to my writings. A big question I received recently was how long have I been blogging? And my answer was that I’ve been writing almost my entire life. I even had a diary in elementary school! But to be completely honest, it took a long time to write from the heart. And ever since, my posts have become more relatable and easier to read.


But the process of writing from the heart isn’t one I take lightly. I do thorough research before sharing just whatever’s on my mind. While it is enticing to just write what’s on my mind, I also want to make sure I don’t put my readers to sleep. So before sharing a particular post in regards to a certain topic, I do my research. I enjoy reading books, other blog posts, and articles that are related to the topic. This way I learn what works and what doesn’t work. Was what I read engaging and interesting? Or did it put me to sleep? Also, how many comments and shares is it getting?

Trending topics are easy to find and write about, but sometimes I like to push myself to write about a less-talked about topic. When doing so, I am sure to read a little more and take a little extra time to do my research. I’m old-school and will hit up my local library to check out books related to the topic. I also will do a few google searches to see if I can find blogs or news articles related to the topic, even if the articles are a few years old. When applying what I read and learn to my writings, I’m sure to update them to make the topics more current and interesting for my readers.

While writing from the heart may not be for everyone, I’ve found that it’s brought a lot more traffic to my personal blog than any other type of post. But I’m not here for the traffic. Instead, I’m here to share my stories and help others in need. At the end of the day, even if I only help one person I feel like my goal is being accomplished.

What’s your process when it comes to writing? I’m always looking to improve, so share away.