The 10 Coolest Places I’ve Visited

I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel to many cool places, both near and far. It’s hard to narrow it down to the top ten, but here’s my list of the coolest places I’ve visited.


  • The top of a Maui volcano: rode a bicycle all the way down starting at 5am to see the sunrise.
  • Snorkeling in Molokini: clearest water ever and sea turtles!
  • Mozart’s statue (Vienna) and childhood home (Salzburg) in Austria: Mozart is my favorite composer.
  • On a gondola in Venice, Italy: It’s cliche but was totally awesome.
  • Kissed the Blarney stone in Ireland: upside down, risking your life all for some extra luck.
  • Giant’s causeway in Ireland, crazy rock bridge where the giants roamed.
  • Pike’s Peak in Colorado: cold on top, warm on bottom.
  • Niagara Falls, both on top and behind them.
  • Grand Canyon: just on the edge looking over it so will have to go back.
  • Cedar Point on all the coasters! I’ve been here many times and it never gets old.

Where are the coolest places you’ve been?