Awesome running advice

Finally watched this TED talks video that my friend sent to me a few months ago when we first started running together. We started out running 2 miles once a week together. Today we ran 7 miles for the first time (my first time running 7 miles ever, woo!). My running has been improving and I always try my best to enjoy it. Sarah and I actually carry a conversation the entire time we’re jogging, which definitely helps distract the mind from the actual jogging and actually makes jogging enjoyable and fun. Like the video says, even if all you can do is easy, that is enough. Whenever I am out for a jog, I tell myself I am not trying to win a race or go faster by any means, I am just trying my best (the best I can). Even if that means really slow running on a super humid day, it is better than nothing. 🙂

See Video Here

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