Half way there

Today marks the halfway point of the 18 days I’m working in a row. Only 9 more days to go, but the real tests are this weekend. I have my red sash test Friday night and I have to pass my teaching certification for the Princeton review this weekend. So basically as long as I pass these two huge tests the last 5 days of work will be a breeze. Last night Vince told me that life is just one big test. I totally agree with him, I’m just hoping to not fail so that I can better myself physically and mentally. I feel pretty much ready for my kung fu test and the nerves are either dying down or haven’t fully kicked in yet. I’m actually more scared of the teaching that I have to demonstrate to show that I can teach for the Princeton review. For most of my life I have been terrible at public speaking and presentations in front of class mates due to being shy and nervous. Here I am trying to not only completely overcome these fears but to also become confident enough to be able to teach effectively. I am actually getting close but need more practice so I plan to practice at my local library where I’m hoping they have a whiteboard for me to practice with. I’ve rarely if ever used a whiteboard before which is also a weak point in my teaching skills but hoping it gets better with time and practice. Well in any case I’m hoping all goes well this weekend and the only thing I can do is try my best. If I don’t pass that’s ok, I can always try again or maybe just stick to tutoring for awhile. And for the kung fu test I can always try try again. There is no limit to the amount of times you can take a test. Well I’ll post again after all the craziness. Peace.

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